Fast Back Bell Boot

Fast Back Bell Boot

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Bell boots-maximum protection for horse athlet

65 €

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Producer: FastBack

Maximum overreach protection for your equine athlet.

High tech material used in this new boots provide the ultimate protection against hell bulb and coronary band injures on the front lover limb.High durable impact patch on the back makessuper tough and tear resistant against trike impacts.

  • The Amortex strike plate on back of the boot absorbst and defects impacts to protects the sensitive heel bulbs and coronary band of your horse heels
  • A durable flexible kevlar band around the bottom of the boots reduced tearing of the edge prolonging the life of boot.this band also reduced tendeci of hte boot ride up when working in deep footing, maintaining proper boot placement on hoof for maximum protection
  • This boot is made for balistic nylon for durability and double locking loop closure hold the boot in place
  • Interior heel bulb maintains proper positioning during agresive maneuvers

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