How to choose rope depending on the weather

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How to choose rope depending on the weather Ropes suitable for winter With the coming winter and dropping temperature it is necessary to choose the right combination of nylon and poly fiber. Nylon fiber will be more reliable in winter season, comparing to poly fiber, which is extremely loosening in winter period. Nylon stay firmer. Rope performance in not only about the materials used, but also the construction is important. From 2018 lassos are being constructed with core, which prevent them from stretching, when temperature drops. As a result, the rope doesn’t change. Sub-zero temperatures will stretch lasso without core, so it will be out of balance. Do not leave your rope in freezing temperatures, because after warming up they will be heavier. Always store them by room temperatures, so they can return faster in to the rope memory.

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ATHENA with core

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ATHENA with core Athena ll be release on market 01.December 19

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Comparsion rope

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Comparsion rope Comparsion rope contra competition ropes.

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Discontinuing rope lines

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Discontinuing rope lines Fastback ropes company stoped making few old rope line. In early age we can waiting on new one FASTBACKROPES

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COBALT with CORE The Cobalt is similar in diameter to the popular Excalibur. The Cobalt will likely appeal to ropers who prefer more tip weight and less body or bounce.

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COBRA Cobra is made with new rubber resistant material.

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CENTERFIRE 2 News year 2018(rope with core) Centerfire 2

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Venom Venom news rope with core year 2018

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EXCALIBUR New EXCALIBUR rope with core.Excalibur is for roper who prefer rope medium in size.

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History Team Roping

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History Team Roping The origins of team roping date back to the 18th century when Spanish caballeros worked on ranches. Cowboys developed this technique when they handled larger animals that one man couldn’t handle alone. It’s one of the few rodeo events that directly evolved from cowboys’ handling of cattle on the ranch.

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