Bones 2.0 Heading dummy

Bones 2.0 Heading dummy

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Heading Dummy Bones 2.0 most realistic dummy on the roping market.

900 €

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Producer: Hell-o-Matic training system

The BONES 2.0, from Heel-O-Matic, is the most advanced portable heading dummy on the market, combining a look and feel rivaled only by roping live cattle. The BONES 2.0 features an anatomically correct head, a lower headset, and gives headers the most common look they see roping live cattle. This helps ropers practice the proper swing angles, loop placement, and muscle memory to rope the horns.

Have you ever wished for a practice partner that's ready whenever you are, never tires, and perfectly mimics the real challenge of the arena? Meet your new indispensable ally: the BONES 2.0 dummy by Heelomatic. Gone are the days of compromising with less-than-ideal practice tools. The BONES 2.0 is not just any dummy; it's the future of roping practice, a game-changer that stands in a league of its own.

Imagine having access to the most realistic heading dummy available on the market. The BONES 2.0 is meticulously designed to emulate the look, feel, and dynamics of roping live cattle. With its anatomically correct head, lower headset, and the most common look seen when roping live cattle, it offers an unparalleled practice experience. This isn't just about practicing; it's about evolving your skills with precision that was previously unimaginable. The BONES 2.0 gives headers the chance to master the proper swing angles, loop placement, and develop the muscle memory essential for roping the horns with confidence and accuracy.

Now, picture yourself entering the arena, feeling more prepared and confident than ever before. Every practice session with the BONES 2.0 builds your skills to an elite level, giving you an undeniable edge over the competition. The meticulous attention to detail in its design allows for a practice experience so authentic, you'll forget you're not roping live cattle. This is your opportunity to transform your roping skills, to refine your technique to perfection. With BONES 2.0, you're not just practicing; you're engaging in a training session that mirrors the real challenges of the roping arena, preparing you for any scenario you might face.

Don't let another day pass with ordinary practice sessions. Elevate your skills, embrace the realism, and join the ranks of ropers who choose to train with precision. The BONES 2.0 dummy by Heelomatic is more than just a tool; it's your partner in mastering the art of roping. Order yours today and experience the most realistic, effective practice sessions you've ever had. Your journey towards roping excellence starts with BONES 2.0. Transform your practice, refine your skills, and achieve your roping dreams. Get in touch now to bring the ultimate practice partner into your arena.


Delivery time 4-8 weeks if is not on the stock.

Best dummy


Michael, 2.2.2023 18:14.35

I have it just three months . Bud progress with this dummy is very fast. You learn totaly new angle your tip and manny new thinks. I love this dummy.

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