The Trainer Dummy

The Trainer Dummy

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The trainer roping dummy

7000 €

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Producer: Hell-o-Matic training system

For Headers and Heelers. The brand-new TRAINER will be replacing all older versions of the Ground-Driven models. It features a completely new hop sequence that is the EXACT replica of a live cattle in tow and has even been matched correctly to real cattle movements by a mechanical engineer professor from Baylor University. This is THE machine to own if you want PERFECT PRACTICE. The TRAINER will change the way people rope. Another advantage of the TRAINER is it has collapsible legs made out of reinforced foam for a lifelike feel. The legs come together when you dally and with the help of the Spring-Loaded Tongue that comes standard on the TRAINER, you can stretch this machine like you can a real steer. This machine is designed to feel like a live run, it is not something that you can necessarily see until you've roped it, then you will be able to feel the actual difference.

The transition from the TRAINER to live cattle is 100% consistent. You want the most out of your practice in the smallest amount of time, and this new TRAINER is going to give you that exact outcome and produce the best results. With the new TRAINER, the way it moves helps you to work on your hand-eye coordination, and the movement and the noise help you to work on your horse at the same time. The new TRAINER is going to give you better results, quicker.

Are you ready to revolutionize your roping practice and leave your competition in the dust? Introducing the Trainer Dummy by Heelomatic – a groundbreaking training machine that is transforming the game for Headers and Heelers alike. Say goodbye to traditional, outdated Ground-Driven models and hello to the future of perfect practice.

agine a training session so realistic, it feels like you're in the arena at the finals every time you practice. The Trainer isn't just another practice tool; it's a revolution in roping technology. Designed with precision and the expertise of a mechanical engineer professor from Baylor University, the Trainer's hop sequence is an exact replica of live cattle movements. This isn't just practice; it's as close to the real thing as you can get without a live steer in front of you.

But that's not all. The Trainer boasts features that set it light years ahead of any competition. With collapsible legs made from reinforced foam, you get the lifelike feel of roping actual cattle - the legs come together just as they would in a real dally. Thanks to its innovative Spring-Loaded Tongue, you can stretch the Trainer like a real steer, enhancing your training experience to match real-life scenarios perfectly. This seamless transition from the Trainer to live cattle ensures that your practice sessions are not just time spent; they're time invested in perfecting your craft. Whether you're working on your hand-eye coordination or improving your horse's performance, the Trainer is your ticket to quicker, better results.

Don't let another practice session go by without the Trainer Dummy by Heelomatic. Elevate your training, improve your performance, and achieve the consistency you've always desired. The best part? You're not just practicing; you're evolving with every run. Make the decision that will change the way you rope forever. Contact us today to get your Trainer and experience the unmatched advantage it brings to your roping practice. Are you ready to be the best? The choice is yours.

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Michael, 9.4.2023 12:06.55

Perfect dummy. Befere I was used hot heels.where is nôt to Hard learn same move heels .Bud in the trainer you can choose 3 diferent gears. I can just recommend this master piece.

Perfect timing


Roper, 17.9.2022 14:25.12

I own Trainer one year and it is the best deal how I made last year

Best dummy


Michael, 29.7.2022 19:45.19

I own this dummy just few months.I looking on my nig progres.Hop heel site is a perfect.

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