The DRIFTER for header and heeler

The DRIFTER for header and heeler

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Drifter top training tools for header and heeler.

3800 €

4200 € Discount 400 €

Availability: to the question

Producer: Hell-o-Matic training system

If you want to experience the feeling of real lassoing cattle. The Drifter is the perfect tool to get you moving fast. The operator can correct the speed at which the dummy is pulled. The dummy allows the training of the headstock horse with both the rider taker and the footman, which quickly teaches the correct position and ideal timing.

When lassoing the hind legs, the lasso tends not to slip until the rider has completed the dally. For better protection of the saddle and the horse's credit, the dummy is equipped with a spring to smoothly build pressure on without the noticeable jerks of a rigid drawn dummy system.



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