2 in 1 dummy. For headers and heelers.

2 in 1  dummy. For headers and heelers.

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Training dummy give you great habits before transition to live cattle. tools from is Company HMRoping Dummys was maded for help you improve your roping skills .Dummy is maded for Header and heeler need. Mulri-purpose roping tools.Dummy is possible pulling behind quad or car.The dummy boby is a simle to take down from frame and used him like a static dummy.

2100 €

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Producer: HM Roping Dummys

Dummy is possible use take down with framework and use him like a static training dummy. Dummy head is with breakaway horn for simple pull rope after catch horn.Heel site after dally pull together and back. Give you and your horse feel catch real cattle.Dummy learn you and your horse good distance and timing. Dummy is constructed with same size how to live steer.Body is constructed from solid PVC material

.Dummy is constructed for fast speed with great control during sharp change direction.

If you find quality dummy for best price.HMRoping dummy is your choice

Dummy is possible simple transport from place to place.

Imagine having the ultimate training partner that's ready whenever you are, doesn't tire, and doesn't complain. That's what you get with our Roping Dummy 2 in 1. Designed meticulously for both headers and heelers, it's the multi-purpose tool you didn't know you needed. Whether you're fine-tuning your skills or laying the groundwork before moving on to live cattle, our dummy has got you covered. With the option to pull it behind a quad or a car, practice becomes not just effective, but exhilarating. And when it's time to focus on precision, easily transform it into a static dummy by detaching the body from the frame. It's that simple! 


Crafted by ropers for ropers, this isn't just a practice tool; it's a leap towards excellence. The Roping Dummy 2 in 1 embodies the heart and soul of the western roping tradition, combined with the innovation of modern practice needs. No more compromising on quality training because of time or daylight constraints. With this versatile dummy, you're equipped to hone your skills, develop great habits, and significantly reduce your roping errors before you even face live cattle. Picture yourself, rope in hand, confidence sky-high, knowing every throw is guided by practice perfected with our dummy. This is your secret weapon to not just participate but dominate in your next roping event!


Don't let another day of potential champion-level practice slip by! Grab your Roping Dummy 2 in 1 today and start transforming your roping skills into the envy of the rodeo. It's time to step up, stand out, and let every throw echo your dedication. Are you ready to rope your way to glory? Click here to order now and be the roper you've always dreamed of being. ?

Delivery time 4-8 weeks if is not on the stock in Europe 

super cool dummy


Matej, 14.3.2024 14:14.01

Great dummy from solid plast.Simpe take down body from her and roping him on the ground. She has simple realease rope during dally and realistic feel if you catch heels. I can just recomended her.

Perfect dummy


Migel, 8.8.2022 17:29.25

I use this dummy on my ranch .During day play with her my kids. After we useing her on dummy roping. It ´s perfect dummy not like a heavy dummys how I was used before.

Top quality dummy


Tom, 14.7.2022 9:22.47

Perfect quality dummy. I practiced with her on the ground.Breakaway horns used perfect also on the ground if you made progresive slack .Heel site is also great .

To much fun with my dummy


Lucas, 29.11.2021 19:26.25

I using this dummy few months. I see big progres with my roping . Is fun to rope with her . Dummy has great breakaway horn . I must just recomender her.

Perfect practice


Sandra, 28.11.2021 8:37.36

I like practic on both site dummy. She has great big horns with easy release rope after dally. Heel site give me great feel durinng dally.

I love it


Greg, 6.10.2021 9:00.47

I’s my firs dummy .Shy is super light .I was grag him with motocycle.????Dummy is of great fat plastic material.I was mistake across from her body my heavy motocycle and shy still live. I love her and my horse also.

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