Ground driven dummy

Ground driven dummy

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Ground driven dummy with moveing heels for great practice timing.

3300 €

Availability: to the question

Producer: Texas dummies roping

Dummy is maded from solid plastic material .

Dummy haad removable body.Dummy head had swivel and collapse horns for simple rellease rope from head.

Heels dummy meved front and back.

With dummy practice also great timing and distance for you and your horse.

? Discover the Ultimate Training Revolution! ?

Are you ready to elevate your roping skills to levels you never dreamed possible? Meet the Driven Ground Dummy - not just any training partner, but the game-changer your practice sessions have been craving. Wave goodbye to static, unrealistic practice sessions. It's time to introduce dynamism, precision, and fun back into your routine!

Crafted from robust solid plastic, the Driven Ground Dummy is engineered for resilience and longevity, ensuring your practice never skips a beat. But that's not all - with moving heels that mimic real-life movements, you're not just practicing; you're engaging in a lifelike simulation that dramatically improves your timing and precision.

Imagine a practice session where every throw is a lesson, and every catch is a step closer to perfection. The dummy's head is not only detachable for varied training setups but includes swivel and collapse horns for a seamless rope release. Plus, the moving heels? They shift back and forth, challenging you to refine your skills further, ensuring your horse and you are in perfect sync with distance and timing.

ow, picture this - you, at your next competition, executing throws with a finesse and accuracy that leaves the crowd (and your competitors) in awe. The secret? Those countless hours spent with the Driven Ground Dummy, where you mastered the art of timing, precision, and adaptability.

With its unparalleled design, the Driven Ground Dummy transforms mundane training into an exciting journey towards roping mastery. It's not just about practicing anymore; it's about evolving, improving, and outperforming your yesterday.

Are you ready to leave mediocrity behind and step into the arena as the proficient roper you're meant to be? The Driven Ground Dummy awaits to kickstart your transformation.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Grab your Driven Ground Dummy today and witness your skills soar to new heights. Your journey to excellence starts now. Let's make every practice session count!

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